Apply Now to join NLN: Stanislaus

As of June, 2016, we are thrilled to open applications for the launch of a new network based in Stanislaus County. The network will recruit and train four cohorts of approximately 65 leaders from Stanislaus. Your application will make you eligible for all four cohorts.

The team will recruit leaders from diverse sectors who are looking to collaborate with their peers, who share a interest in civic innovation and community problem-solving, and who want to become more networked leaders focused on driving positive change in Stanislaus County. If this describes you, please apply. If you would like to nominate a leader that fits this description, email at


Connect Existing Community Initiatives

We realize there are many great initiatives already underway in the San Joaquin Valley, and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If you are part of an existing effort and wish to connect, email

Join the Informal Network

Even if you are not part of the formal program, there may be other ways to connect with the Irvine NLN. Enter your email to the right to sign up for our blog to stay updated on the Network. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Or, get in touch with the NLN participants you know to ask about the work they’re doing. As the Network grows, we will explore new ways to involve a larger group of leaders in the region, and will reach out with new information at that time.