Dr. Jim Applegate
Pastor for preaching/Vision, Redeemer

Moving from England in his early teens, Jim soon learned how to see God’s glory in the Central Valley:  the amazing friendships, the Mexican food, and the fresh fruit.  After finishing college, Jim went on to start a construction company that boasted over 200 team-members, three divisions, and multiple locations.  In 2007, in conjunction with a core group that had been forming over a twenty-year period, Jim started a new church in Modesto called Redeemer.  Engaging people who are tired of religion, the focus of the church is to ‘build purposeful relationships inside and outside the church so that we can speak the love of God (the good news) into each other’s lives, and ‘learning to live as loved’.  2010 became the year that Jim left the construction industry to work full time in the faith sector, building relationships with other sectors to see change happen in our community. 

Jim has been married to an incredibly smart and discerning lady that keeps him on his toes for over twenty-seven years. Together, they have five amazing kids that they are very proud of.  Jim is passionate about seeing God’s glory in all of life (not just the church), and in helping others reach their potential through mentoring and discipleship.  He loves adventure…traveling, meet new people, and being immersed in different cultures.  Jim is author of “Hope-shifting:  Finding our acceptance, purpose, value, security, and significance” and “Marry a Man Like Me”.