Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth Wight
CEO, Interfaith Ministries in Modesto

Elizabeth (Greenlee) Wight is CEO of Interfaith Ministries in Modesto, and the creator of IFM’s Feed Modesto programs, including the Free Mobile Farmers Market. Previously, she worked as Interfaith’s director of marketing and prior to that, she worked in hospitality management, marketing, and graphic design. Elizabeth is a native Modestan. She studied business at WGU, but considers herself to be educated by travel, voracious reading, working all manner of jobs, from florist to bookseller and bartender to business owner, and by enduring and overcoming deep emotional and physical pain on her way to finding her calling. She is the mother of two luminous children, Christian and Fiona, and married at last to her “Mr. Darcy”. She has recently decided to become a harper, in spite of the fact that she demonstrates no natural musical talent.