Launching NLN in Stanislaus County

After an amazing journey over the last four years in Fresno, CA, we are thrilled to announce that the Irvine Foundation New Leadership Network (NLN) will launch a new network this fall in Stanislaus County, even as the work in Fresno continues.

As those who follow our work know, the experiment to empower diverse civic leaders in Fresno County—across issues, sectors and ethnicities—quickly morphed into a powerful vehicle for civic innovation and collaboration, addressing some of the area’s long standing challenges. As the NLN’s groundbreaking work in Fresno continues to unfold, the leaders and the network there continue to create impact beyond our initial expectations. We feel honored to support their important initiatives.

Based on this initial pilot in Fresno, The James Irvine Foundation—whose mission is to expand economic and political opportunity for families and young adults who are working but struggling with poverty —is now replicating the NLN in Stanislaus County.
We believe Stanislaus, like Fresno, is also at an important tipping point. Modesto and the surrounding communities are plagued with similar challenges: high rates of poverty and unemployment, poor air quality, homelessness, and education and health challenges. Like their counterparts in Fresno, there is incredible energy around moving the community forward. A new generation of diverse leaders is harnessing the assets of their region to make Stanislaus an attractive, healthy, vibrant community that works better on behalf of all of its citizens.

The NLN has already begun to recruit its first cohort of leaders in Stanislaus and will launch this September. We will be working in close partnership with the Stanislaus Community Foundation, which will serve as the local host of the network. Their leadership in the community has already begun to catalyze and support a local culture of collaboration. We are thrilled to be their partners in accelerating the work of civic innovation and leadership development in the county. For more information about NLN: Stanislaus, check out our updated website. And please do encourage those you know in Stanislaus County to apply!

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