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Amy Vickery
Public Information Officer, City of Modesto 

Amy was born in Marin County, California and moved to Modesto when she was very young. She has traveled a lot and fallen in love with many cities, but Modesto is home for her and likely always will be. Throughout her career, she has worked to make this community better through teaching, non-profit leadership, volunteerism, and community engagement in the public sector. She believes that we all have something incredible to offer the world and can learn a great deal from one another, accomplishing more together than we ever could separately. She is inspired by collaborations that align different people who bring diverse stories, skills, passions and world views together and watch the beauty that emerges from these partnerships. Every day she works to build a stronger sense of identity and civic pride. She hopes to see this community become a healthier, safer, more attractive, economically vibrant, and culturally diverse place to live.

Her goals are to inspire and unite those around her, foster relationships, grow in wisdom, be an effective steward of resources and lead with love in all that she does.