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James Todd
Vice President of Student Services, Modesto Junior College

James Todd serves as the Vice President of Student Services of Modesto Junior College. Born and raised in Florida, James attended Brevard Community College after high school, which was a transformative experience that lead to an interest in anthropology. He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology for UC-Santa Cruz, and his doctoral research focused on the intersections of race and inequality, American capitalism, evangelical Christianity, gender and automobility. Indebted to the community college system after providing a second chance, James returned to teach anthropology at Modesto Junior College (MJC) in 2006. Nearly ten years later, and after several years of faculty leadership at the local and state level, James joined the executive leadership team at MJC in 2015.

His current initiatives at the college include an intensive focus on student success and completion, with specific attention on equity and closing achievement gaps across various student populations.