Edgar BluntEdgar Blunt
CEO, Career Pillar

Edgar Blunt, co-founder and CEO of Career Pillar, is an entrepreneur, avid learner, professional advisor and coach.  He is a Fresno native and committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Edgar’s professional experience centers on employment and workforce.  After 15 years as a corporate executive with a full-service recruiting and staffing agency, he co-founded a software company dedicated to empowering job seekers to confidently achieve their goals of securing meaningful, sustainable employment.   Edgar possesses a BS in Education from CSU, Fresno.

I care most about how education can affect unemployment, and about addressing unemployment and career growth in the Central Valley. I’ve spent the last 18 years helping people better their lives through their careers. Currently we’re working on a tool that greatly increases job seeker’s success in selection and retention of a career. Change in the community is hard because people are impatient and changing anything significant takes time – if it doesn’t happen fast momentum and support fade. I like being around people who attack things differently to create positive change in the Central Valley.”