Jesus RodriguezJesus Rodriguez
MD, Kaiser Permanente

I am originally from Mexico but moved to Madera, CA at the age of 6 years. I was raised along with my younger brother and taught perseverance, hard work and humility by my mother in the small farming community of Madera. After attending Stanford University I went on to the School of Medicine at the University of Washington where I met my lovely wife, Carmen. We now have two beautiful children and we all keep really busy with sports, music and church activities.

I returned to Fresno in 1999 and have worked in several different medical practices all while trying to balance my life with a good amount of family activities and community engagement. I have worked in private practice, a community health center and for the last five years I have been at Kaiser Permanente.  Recently I was asked to join the board of the local chapter of the American Heart Association and am engaged in promoting more awareness of heart disease overall and specifically as it affects the Latino Community. Through my work I also have the privilege of engaging and mentoring middle and high school students to follow their aspirations of joining the medical field.

My family and church are a great support system for me and give me the courage and motivation to make try to make our community better.  I look forward to partnering with other motivated people in Fresno to make our city and community a better place to live.

Attempting to change the impact of diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other medical conditions on many of the vulnerable populations of our San Joaquin Valley will take the collaboration of many individuals and groups. Health impacts all of our lives but unfortunately Latino, African American and other minority groups suffer more than others. Many of these complications are preventable and the health care system needs to partner with the media, politicians, schools and other local agencies to bring about change. I know there are solutions out there waiting to be put into practice but it is going to take a big coordinated effort from both medical and non-medical entities. Rising before the sun to attend to the farm was not uncommon in my little farm town in Guanajuato, Mexico. My mother instilled in me a humility and work ethic that I am now trying to pass on to my two children.”