Sara Bosse
Public Health Director at Madera County Department of Public Health

Sara Bosse directs, manages, and oversee the functions, operations and programs of the Madera County Department of Public Health including rural, public, and child health and disability programs, disease investigation and mitigation, disaster planning, community medical services, and community health and wellness programs.

Sara has been a leader in upstream public health work in California since 1998, initiating and sustaining local and regional policy, systems, and environmental change interventions that create healthy communities. Certified in Essential Facilitation and Crucial Conversations, she is known for her ability to engage partners, facilitate collaboration, and develop innovative strategies to address complex public health issues. Sara possesses a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics and Food Administration from CSU, Fresno.

I was born in Fresno. My husband, my children, my parents, my work, my faith community are all here. And Fresno needs to change. I am passionate about being a part of a turn in the culture of Fresno from one that is too often filled with fear, regret, cynicism, and apathy to a culture of strength, health and hope. I choose to work in public health because the health of a population reflects the community we have constructed. Prosperity and poverty, safety and violence, education and ignorance, opportunity and disparity- these all manifest in our individual and community health. I am excited to join a network of talented people who have made a commitment to work upstream and row together.